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"Brian is a tireless businessman and printer who will guard over your project night and day. A veteran of the printing industry, he knows what works and how to keep costs reasonable. Hire AB Unlimited as your next printer and you will get the very best that Hollywood has to offer."

Theresa Campbell,
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

"I have found AB Unlimited to be a great resource for one-off poster printing- reliable at meeting deadlines with excellent results and affordable pricing. Brian Williams is both a personable and knowledgeable professional and is a pleasure to work with."

Valerie Swanson,
Image Entertainment

"In light of our struggling economy, traditionally large companies are recording record financial losses. In this wake, smaller up and coming companies, such as AB Unlimited, have proven to be more cost-efficient and client-oriented, and deserve to be recognized!"

Mark Walker,
SVP Print Advertising Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing & Distribution

"I would highly recommend AB Unlimited to anyone looking for good quality prints. Brian Williams' dedication, timely service and exceptional quality is the reason I use and recommend Brian to all my colleagues. From big studios to smaller mini studios, everyone has always come back with appreciation for the referral and that's the reason I keep going back to AB Unlimited."

Carla Portillo,
In The Mix Advertising

"Brian and I have worked together for several years and will continue to do so. Aside from his upbeat and approachable personality, he is excellent at what he does. When timelines and creative visions seem impossibly unachievable, AB Unlimited always manages to deliver."

Corinne Fox,
M & C Saatchi, LA

"If you are in search of a man-of-his-words, then Brian Williams at AB Unlimited is your guy. I can recall numerous instances when his ability to think outside of the box has allowed me and my agency to succeed and prosper. On top of that, he's honest, forthright and just a nice person. It's not often that you can find a business associate that really has your best interests in mind. With Brian, you get all of that and much, much more."

Steve Ozawa,
David & Goliath

"Brian and I have worked together on some challenging projects. Each and every time his work is great and his attitude is superb! Brian is quick to offer up alternative solutions to problems and to work within limiting parameters to get the job done."

Raquel Griffiths,
Sargent & Berman

"Brian is personable, great, and a consummate professional. AB Unlimited provides a great service. Always upfront with you and willing to work with you on any and all levels. I would highly recommend AB Unlimited to anyone looking for their services."

Phil Lawrence,